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Master slave contract sample

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Master slave contract sample

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New This contract is the complete and entire agreement between the atories. This contract shall only be broken if Master so deems it. Master Master shall be responsible for keeping slave safe at all times.

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The third kind is a scene play checklist as opposed to a lifestyle situation.

SLAVE 1. In many cases, the contract is a living document, which is altered with the development of the relationship.

Sample slave contract

Master Master shall be responsible for keeping slave safe at all times. Master has ultimate veto power, however He agrees to use it judiciously in order to not hinder growth.

Any violation of this clause shall be cause to terminate this contract, should the injured party wish it. We are not equal.

Sample master/slave contract with ethical non-monogamy section - submissive guide

Any loss of hair, unless accepted by the slave. Public settings: I will not argue or complain. Details, Details, Details.

Eating out: no more than 2 meals per week per person. I am not, nor would I want to be dominant with all women. Punishment must stop immediately if blood is drawn Burning the body Causing internal bleeding Loss of consciousness Withholding of any necessary materials, such as food, water, or sunlight for extended periods of time 4.

Sample consensual "slavery" contract - submissive guide

Punishment must not incur permanent bodily harm, or the following forms of abuse: Blood may not be drawn intentionally at any time. Master shall respect and honor the invocation of the safe word RED by slave. Use this contract to negotiate and formalize your arrangement whether slave is just beginning the training phase or long-term and already collared. Verbal communication is the most common form, but slaves may also be made to disclose their deepest inner thoughts and desires through a journal, private website or s to Him.

I dominate you only because you have allowed me to, and when I see you body kneel before ,aster in my mind and heart, you are raised above all ssmple women and all the treasures of the master slave contract sample. The master may accept other slaves or lovers, but must consider the slave's emotional response to such actions and act accordingly. The lack of honesty and trust is a deal breaker for many Masters and slaves.

Get the slave contract form

Where said command may cause extreme damage to slave's life, such as losing their job, causing family stress, etc. There are no boundaries of place, time, or situation in which the slave may willfully refuse to obey the directive of the Master s without risking punishment, except in situations where master slave contract sample slave's veto applies. Persons who fall into the latter category are criticized by some in the BDSM community for referring to themselves as Master and slave yet still having limits.

The satisfaction of His wants, desires, and whims are consistent with my desire as a slave to be found pleasing to Him. If in writing, usually He prepares the documentation and presents it to slave for ing.

"master slave consensual real slavery contract template"

Negotiating and drawing up an agreement can bring you closer together through the essential negotiation process. Any piercing of the flesh which leaves a permanent hole, unless accepted by the slave. Orgasm Sampls - I am to achieve orgasm ONLY with Master's permission or at his orders Punishment -Will be given for disrespect or disobedience of any aforementioned guidelines as well as anything else Master may deem fit.

At breakfast we will discuss the ToDo list and plans for the day. The slave agrees to take all the experiences that occur during the enslavement, as a chance to learn and grow, and use them to improve the service to its Master s. And not during punishment.

Permanent bodily harm shall be determined as: Death Any damage that involves loss of mobility or function, including broken bones. I understand tha I will be commanded and trained and punished as a slave, and I promise to be true and to fulfill the pleasures and desires of my master to the best of my abilities.

Any diseases that could result in any of the aboveincluding sexually transmitted diseases.

Bdsm master/slave contract

Punishment must not incur permanent bodily harm, slvae the following forms of abuse: Blood may not be drawn at any time. The slave will seek to learn how to please the Master s better, and will gracefully accept any criticism in whatever form the Master s chooses. I understand the responsibility implicit in this arrangement, and agree that no harm shall come to the slave as long as they are mine.

The Master s sampl to care for the slave, to arrange for the safety and well-being of the slave, as long as They shall own the slave. The rules of punishment do not apply for extreme punishments and permanent bodily harm could be the result of it without the slave having the right to ask for an ending of this contract.

Slave contract - fill online, printable, fillable, blank | pdffiller

It is understood that life happens sakple it is not always possible but this will be the expected norm. Fitness: exercise at least three times per week. Again text or phone call with confirmation received will suffice unless 4. I further understand that I can withdraw from this contract at any time.

Play: every Sunday evening will be deated as play time.